- - Selle Italia Launching New Sustainable Line of Saddles

Selle Italia Launching New Sustainable Line of Saddles

Selle Italia is launching a new line of sustainable saddles using a technology called X-TECH, which comprises a mix of technopolymers that are environmentally friendly.

For instance, Selle Italia says, no glue is used during assembly, so the saddle’s components themselves can be recycled at the end of their life cycle.

Additionally, Selle Italia says the new technology also allows them to keep manufacturing in Italy, using an automated, robotic production process.

“Our introduction of the innovative X-TECH production process confirms our commitment to producing high-end Italian-made saddles and, most importantly of all, demonstrates that sustainability is an added value offered by our range,” says Giuseppe Bigolin, president of Selle Italia..

“X-TECH will also allow us to meet all our stakeholders’ requirements and respond rapidly, precisely and punctually to the challenges of the international markets.”




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