- - "Sherlock" the Invisible GPS Anti-Theft App for Bikes

“Sherlock” the Invisible GPS Anti-Theft App for Bikes


Last November we reported on the still under development Sherlock anti-theft bike GPS app, that was being touted at the Innovate 2015 design show. 

Well, as of this week, the designers of Sherlock have gone public with a vigorous crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo, now that they’ve  finalized their design and are ready to bring it to market.

As previously described, Sherlock is an invisible GPS-based anti-theft device connected to a mobile app, that has the ability to track the whereabouts of one’s bike in real time, in the event that it’s stolen. 

Sherlock is very compact, small and easy to install, and it’s designed to be hidden in the handlebars of the bike, which results in an invisible placement to the unsuspecting thief. 

Sherlock is also servers as a unique identifier, wherein its mobile app is specifically connected to the owner and the bike’s profile, so in the event  it gets stolen, the owner can share its tracking code with the police and demonstrate his or her true ownership once the bicycle is rescued.

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Sherlock is the invisible GPS anti-theft device for bicycles.
It is connected to a mobile app that tracks your bike in real-time and enables you to precisely locate it at anytime.

Sherlock is small and compact.
It is designed to be easily installed in the handlebars of your bicycle resulting completely invisible from the outside, so that it is hard for the thief to detect.

Plus, it does not alter the design of your bike.
Sherlock has a plain black cap and comes with a second matching cap to be mounted on the other hand of the handlebars.

The device

  • Sherlock is flexible.
  • Sherlock fits and adapts to handlebars of all shapes, curved and straight.
  • Sherlock is also a unique identifier for the bicycle.
  • The device is uniquely matched to the user and the bicycle profile on the Sherlock mobile app
  • Sherlock is secure.
  • Once installed, an inner mechanism will lock Sherlock inside the handlebars and you will be able to remove it only with its special key.

How it works


  • Download the Sherlock mobile app and create your bicycle profile. Then turn Sherlock on and match it to your bike.



  • Remove one end cap from your handlebars and push Sherlock inside the tube.



  • Use the key to secure it: Sherlock will expand mechanically to adhere to the inner tube.


  • Activate Sherlock whenever you park your bike. Launch the app and slide to lock it. Whenever your bicycle moves, and it’s not you moving it, Sherlock will send you an immediate alert on your smartphone.


  • Track your bike in real-time and get it back with help from the police in case of theft. Sherlock provides a unique code to be shared with the police so that they can access your bicycle information and live tracking.




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