- - SILCA Announces New "Super Secret" Chain Lube

SILCA Announces New “Super Secret” Chain Lube

According to SILCA, its new Super Secret chain lube started out as a quest to develop the fastest “hot-melt” wax lubricant available more than a year ago, carefully working on developing a formula that could easily be applied.

SILCA says, the project took a fascinating turn from the world of IndyCar racing, where a technology that incorporated micro-scale wax powders into a solution that could quickly dry to form a coating was first developed.

This combination of air-drying liquid wax and Tungsten Disulfide would quickly prove to beat all currently available “hot-melt” waxes in friction testing, while being much faster and easier to apply.

Perhaps best of all, this new formula proved be very environmentally friendly, utilizing four different types of wax, nano platelets of WS2 (Tungsten Disulfide) and mild alcohol to act as a carrier. The same alcohol is used in the SILCA Gear Wipes, making them a perfect product to clean and remove Super Secret chain lube.

As a result, SILCA claims its new Super Secret chain lube “brings all of the super speed and silent running of a hot-melt wax-dipped chain to a drip applied wax (all of the benefits, none of the hassle!”

The Super Secret chain lube sells for $25.00 in 4 ounce bottles, and is currently available in only small batches.



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