- - SILCA Introduces Nastro Bar Tape

SILCA Introduces Nastro Bar Tape

It’s no one’s guess that the product developers at SILCA are constantly seeking improvement over existing cycling products.

In this instance, while examining new developments in running shoe foam and F1 tires and conducting their own tire research, SLICA realized that new material technologies could allow for a significant improvement in bar tape.

In keeping with 102 years of Italian brand history, the new bar wrap is dubbed NASTRO (Italian for tape), though the construction is anything but traditional.

The new tape is offered in two styles, the NASTRO FIORE and the NASTRO PILOTI.

The 2.5mm FIORE tape provides cushioning and comfort equivalent to existing 3.2mm tapes, while the 1.85mm PILOTI tape equates to existing 2.5mm tapes.

Built from a laminate of SILCAthane, SILCAlon and 3M Visco-elastic adhesive, the tapes’ feel can be optimized for different riders using different wrap directions and techniques. Moreover, the tape improves on existing materials, offering a softer, more comfortable feel, higher grip in wet and dry, better vibration isolation, and 3-5x the durability.

Since the actual wrap of the tape can be as important as the tape itself, SILCA also developed a fully adhesive-backed butterfly-shaped piece to better cover the back of the lever clamp area without adding bulk, while high-grip finishing tape and expanding aluminum/composite end plugs to enable a perfect taping job from end to end.



  • 1.85mm thickness for thinner, more aerodynamic wrap
  • Tunable grip level depending on wrap direction
  • Black, white, red
  • $40 MSRP


  • 2.5mm tri-laminate provides additional comfort without additional bulk
  • Black w/white floral pattern, Black w/neon yellow floral pattern, White w/black floral pattern
  • $44 MSRP




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