- - SILCA Offers the Italian Army Knife

SILCA Offers the Italian Army Knife


The Italian Army is notorious for “tucking and running” during virtually every skirmish, battle and war throughout history. 

Perhaps, for that reason SILCA has decided to redeem the ginzos with a purposeful multitool called the Italian Army Knife.

The IAK as SILCA calls it, includes just about every tool a cyclist would need for quick roadside repairs, with the exception of course, of a white flag.

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The Italian Army Knife, a very SILCA take on the traditional multi-tool. We’ve addressed the things that frustrate us with conventional multi-tools, while keeping the layout which fits so conveniently in the SILCA EOLO Wallet or Seat Roll Premio.

The IAK as we have come to know and love this product combines fully forged mid-length tools with forged aluminum side plates and full stainless steel hardware. The mid-length tool design is long enough to provide access to recessed fasteners, but short enough not to experience twist or damage under moderate torque as experiences on longer tools. All tools are forged rather than bent from hex stock, this method of construction is more expensive, but worth it on the side of the road!

Mid length tools also allow us to position the tools within the same plane, this reduces the thickness of the overall package by half. Double chromed tools and fully stainless steel hardware and bushings guarantee a long life without corrosion (the number 2 killer of multi-tools is corrosion, number 1 is loss!)

Forged aluminum sidebars contain rare-earth magnets for holding a spare chain connector.

  • Forged and machined sidebars with integrated chain-connector storage.
  • Tredici (Tre-dee-chee)13 forged and plated tools Hex 2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8 + Torx 10/20/25 + PH2/Flat + DiscPadSpreader.
  • Nove (No-vay) 9 forged and plated tools:Hex 2/3/4/5/6/8 +Torx 25 +PH2/Flat
  • Stainless steel pivot hardware
  • 105 grams



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