- - Slovakia Issues Peter Sagan "Worlds" Commemorative Stamp

Slovakia Issues Peter Sagan “Worlds” Commemorative Stamp


Peter Sagan’s face will be appearing on envelopes all over his native Slovakia, after his country unveiled a special commemorative stamp today, celebrating the World Champion with a limited run of 300,000. 

The new stamp shows Sagan in his rainbow jersey and holding up his gold medal from the 2015 Richmond Road World Championships. 

The image of Sagan was created by Slovakian cartoon artist, Jozef Gertli Danglár.

The statement accompanying the release of the stamp says: “Peter Sagan is not only a great athlete, but also a fair guy with a big heart and a big smile, who did not hesitate to help and have fun, because he knows that is not only victories that are important.

“He became a great role model and inspiration for children and adults, a prime fighter, which shows that you have to be consistent to work through obstacles, but always fairly.”

Sagan attended the official presentation of the stamp over the weekend,  jokingly saying, “private life is almost nonexistent because everyone knows me here, especially now with my own stamp.”




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