- - Soomom's Pro Lightweight Jacket Reviewed

Soomom’s Pro Lightweight Jacket Reviewed

There’s a saying in New England, If You Don’t Like the Weather … Just Wait a Minute, an axiom that’s well understood by cyclists in these parts. 

So, unlike other regions where the weather is predictable, one best have a few extra garments in his or her cycling wardrobe in order to combat the elements here. 

A great choice for this time of the season, is Soomom’s Pro Lightweight jacket, a light, packable, windproof piece that’s easily deployed when things get a little chilly.

The Pro Lightweight Jacket features a 2-way, asymmetrical zipper with bonded seams through-out that are shrouded by a membrane-like material that’s design to keep the wind out, while a mesh back helps control the build-up of excess body heat. Moreover, the jacket has a race-cut, resulting in a fit that contours the body and resists flapping in the wind.

There’s also a small zippered chest pocket for stowing essentials like identification, a credit card or perhaps even a valet key. 

At $116.00, the Soomom Pro Lightweight Jacket is money well-spent, offering a level of performance and quality that puts it on par with jackets costing considerable more, while also being every bit as stylish.

At that price, it’s almost worth getting both colors. 😉  







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