- - Sportful Launches New Fiandre "NoRain" Range of Apparel

Sportful Launches New Fiandre “NoRain” Range of Apparel


With summer behind us, fall and winter invariably separates the “wheat from the chaff”, when it comes to die-hard cyclists. 

For Sportful, their timing couldn’t be better, with the launch of its new Fiandre ‘NoRain” range of apparel. 

As the “NoRain” moniker implies, the Fiandre line up is designed to keep the foul weather out, while keeping cyclists warm and dry on the inside, using a combination of Sportful’s nano-silicone fabric impregnation and PolarTec’s breathable NeoShell waterproof material. 

The new range consists of a series of jackets that differ in terms of material weight, vests and long and short sleeve jerseys. In addition, the  Fiandre range extends to both bibshorts, bibtights, arm warmers and gloves.   

“What we have seen in water-resistant materials is that running water across something is no problem, but water that sits on fabric and gets ground in and eventually gets through,” said Sportful’s brand communication manager Daniel Loots.

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