- - Stowaway - Ultimate Bike Storage Solution

Stowaway – Ultimate Bike Storage Solution

Looking for clever way to store your bike?

A small start-up company called, Stowaway, has turned to crowd-funding as a means of getting their new bicycle storage system off the ground – literally.

The clever new design aims to be the perfect solution for small abodes, which lack space to keep your coveted two-wheel conveyance safe and out of the way.

Indeed, the Stowaway system is designed to hoist one’s bike and secure it high on a wall and out of the way. 

The ingenious system uses a winch, a counterweight and a series of straps, whereby the user is only required to lift the equivalent of half the bike’s weight.

Once in place, the bike is perched high on the wall and out of the way. And, if by chance you’re the proud owner of a high end bike, it can easily serve as a fine piece of art as well. 😉

To learn more about the Stowaway, check out their Kickstarter campaign at:


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