- - Strava Brings Back Chronological Ordering and Adds Athlete Favoriting

Strava Brings Back Chronological Ordering and Adds Athlete Favoriting

Strava’s goal for 2020 is to become more social, as the popular cycling app has reintroduced its much requested feature that allows users to view activities in chronological order. Also, thanks to the new updates, users can now more easily follow the activities of other their favorite athletes.

For whatever reason, Strava decided to disable its chronological sorting option back in 2017. But, to the delight of loyal users, updates to the mobile app brings this feature back, which can now be accessed in the “profile” settings, allowing users to view new activities going forward.

Additionally, the app also adds the ability to more closely follow other athletes, and even set notifications for whenever they upload something new.

To “favorite” an athlete, all the user needs to do is simply go to his or her profile page, select the “following” button and be given the option to add them to “favorites”. Note that athletes will be able to see who’s “favorited” them. Moreover, the activities of “favorited” athletes  and their activities will appear at the top of the user’s feed regardless of feed order. 

Another interesting update involves improvements to Strava’s auto-detection prevention algorithm.

“From now on, we’ll be working to cut down on the number of leaderboards that are clearly inaccurate and unfair. To do this, we improved the algorithm behind our auto-detection of segment records that aren’t quite right”, says Strava.

Finally, Apple Watch users can now sync directly from their watch via the Apple Health App, meaning no more duplicates between the two. 

You can learn more by visiting Strava’s Blog.

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