- - "SVENNESS" 4.1 2015

“SVENNESS” 4.1 2015

In The Cross Hairs is back with its latest installment of the SVENNESS cyclocross series for 2015.

From In The Cross Hairs

For SVENNESS 4.1 we visit Ronse, Belgium, for the GP Mario De Clerq, which is the first stop in the BPost Bank Trofee Series. The Ronse track is remarkable for its steep power climbs; fast, tricky descents; and tough run up.

Sven Nys won the race the two previous years and was looking at this race as one that he could win. It’s a tough concept to wrap your head around, that Sven has to pick and choose the races he thinks he can win, rather than just show up and dominate. Grappling with that concept is the main themes of this episode. We spend some time looking at off-camber sections and power climbs, but for the most part, this is a story as old as time. Actually, the story is time. And how it doesn’t stop.

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