- - Swiss Side Flaunts New AERO CALF Sleeves for Triathletes

Swiss Side Flaunts New AERO CALF Sleeves for Triathletes

Swiss Side is flaunting its latest product called the AERO CALF Sleeves, targeting triathletes with a cutting-edge textile that’s designed to cheat the wind.

For triathletes, minimizing aerodynamic drag is of utmost importance for performance. Recognizing this challenge, Swiss Side embarked on an 18-month R&D journey, resulting in the AERO CALF Sleeves, which deliver a robust and significant aerodynamic performance benefit for athletes, regardless of their size, speed, or the wind conditions.

Swiss Side’s aerodynamics team took a pioneering approach by constructing an all-new in-house wind tunnel facility at their headquarters, with special functionality dedicated to sports textiles R&D. This enabled high-precision and efficient testing of over 50 fabric types in 135 different configurations. 


A careful approach to fabric selection and construction, guided by Swiss Side’s aerodynamics experts was necessary to ensure the maximum performance benefit for the widest range of cyclists in any conditions. Indeed, 92% of all cyclists tested confirmed robust aero drag savings, solely wearing the AERO CALF Sleeves, savings of up to a claimed 8 watts at 45km/h. Moreover, Swiss Side says the performance benefits were also consistently realized across both lower and higher speeds.

“In our experience, it is rare to get such significant savings with such a simple change, and in particular that it works for such a high proportion of athletes,” says Jean-Paul Ballard, Swiss Side co-founder, and CEO.

The product

The AERO CALF Sleeves are deliberately designed with a non-compressive fit to prevent any unintended physiological performance detriment when riding. This feature also allows for quick and easy application during the transition in non-wetsuit races.

Recognizing the significance of comfort and thermal management in triathlon, the sleeves also incorporate breathable and high-cooling base fabrics, to facilitate optimal ventilation and temperature regulation, enabling athletes to perform at their highest level in all conditions. Also, the AERO CALF Sleeves forgo fancy colors or designs, as the fabric sublimation process negatively impacts both the aerodynamic performance and breathability of the fabric.

Price & Sizes

The AERO CALF Sleeves are a unisex design that sell for 95€, which are available in sizes S, M, and L at

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