- - Swytch Announces More Affordable "Go" eBike Conversion Kit

Swytch Announces More Affordable “Go” eBike Conversion Kit

photo credits @ Stan Portus / Our Media

Well-known of its front-hub mounted eBike conversion kit, Swytch has announced the launch of a more affordable version called the Go, which moves away from the British brand’s existing handlebar-mounted battery in favor of a frame mounted design that easily attaches to any bike frame via simple velcro straps.

“Although the Swytch Go kit has been in the making for quite some time, it’s the current cost of living crisis that makes the pre-launch of this sub-£500 kit particularly timely. Our current kit, that uses our unique and distinctive Air and Max battery system, will continue to be available, but will be joined by the Go system that will offer a more affordable ‘entry-level’ option with the aim of making e-biking affordable for everyone,” explains Swytch Founder, Oliver Montague.

The Go features the same 250w power output as Swytch’s current Air and Max, however, the design has been simplified in order to reduce manufacturing costs, relying on a single cable to plug in, or disconnect the kit.

One trade-off is, the Go is only compatible with 26in or larger wheel sizes, so that’s a no-go for Brompton and other folding bikes.

The Go will initially be available for pre-order between September 21 to 30.

“The reason we always use pre-order for a new product like the Go kit is mainly to prove demand and viability of the product,” says Montague. “The size Swytch is now, we would need more than £10 million just for six months’ supply of kits. We would never risk £10 million on inventory to start selling in April,” he explains.

The Go will be available with either a 180Wh or 310Wh battery, which will sell for just under £500.

“The first Go kits will be available to order by the general public in Spring 2024, while existing wait-list subscribers and existing customers are being given exclusive early access to pre-order with a significant discount between September 21 to 30.”


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