- - Talos Offers New BikePal Multitool

Talos Offers New BikePal Multitool

Following a successful campaign on Kickstarter for its 14-in-1 multitool last year, Talos has once again undertaken a crowd-funding effort in order to bring its latest BikePal multitool to market, which puts no fewer than 23 tools at the finger tips of cyclists in a pocket-friendly design.

“Today, more people than ever are choosing bicycles for transportation, commuting and fun,” said the company in a press release. “In many crowded cities, it’s the best way to get around and an environmentally friendly mode of travel. However, the daily wear and tear on bikes means that maintenance and repairs are a necessity. The problem is, how to have the tools you need without getting too weighed down? BikePal solves that problem, it’s the most compact, affordable, and useful bike toolkit available.

The BikePal is designed to tackle most common bicycle repairs and maintenance issues such as tire and spoke repairs, chain servicing, handlebar adjustment, tightening loose bolts and screws, and so on.

Like a Swiss Army Knife, the BikePal folds in and out, accessing a socket set with magnetic flat, Phillips and Torx-head screwdriver bits, as well as various hex keys, tire tools, a chain cutter, a hex wrench and spoke tools.

Measuring just 3.5in x .75 (90 x 49 x 19 mm) and weighing 7.3 oz (208 g), the stainless steel and ABS BikePal is being offered for $19 to early-backers, a 60% discount off of the expected retail price.

If all goes as planned, the BikePal will be available in September. 


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