- - "The Cairngorms are Calling": Cycling Scotland

“The Cairngorms are Calling”: Cycling Scotland

The Cairngorms are Calling is a new short film by Chris McClean and Ed Shoote  that follows a group of riders as they pedal through some of Scotland’s most beautiful scenery while contending with extreme bouts of wind, rain, and snow. 

The Cairngorms are encompassed by a mountainous National Park that protects a pretty unique area in the north east of Scotland. From primeval pine forests to the high Cairngorm Plateau where the shattered and slab rock terrain is more like the ground found in Arctic Canada or northern Norway. It is certainly one of the wildest areas and most intact native ecosystems in the UK.

On the Cairngorm plateau also comes the threat of blizzards any month of the year, and it’s the only place in the United Kingdom where snow can lie from winter to winter. With no roads transecting the National Park, bikes are the best way to explore the network of ancient paths and tracks, making it perfect for bikepacking.

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