- - The French Brand "Racer" Introduces Heated Cycling Shoe Covers

The French Brand “Racer” Introduces Heated Cycling Shoe Covers

The French brand, Racer, will introduce a new heated cycling shoe cover during next week’s annual EUROBIKE show in Germany. 

Racer previously specialized in offering heated cycling gloves, however, the company says its technology has now been incorporated into a new shoe cover for cyclists. 

According to Racer, the shoe cover features a Lithium Ion battery, along with IR-WARM 2.0 heating technology that was developed in partnership with the French Army Biomedical Center, which essentially comprises a system of heated wires that are spread over the entire foot.

“This revolutionary technology with thermo-regulation ensures a constant feeling of warmth, even when the temperature drops to minus 10 degrees,” the company said. “The heating can be adjusted individually between three different heat levels depending on the actual weather situation. Depending on the selected heat level, the battery lasts up to six hours.”

Additionally, the cover uses a breathable, leather-like material called Clarino (similar to patent leather) on the inside, while the outside has a softshell material that keeps out light snow or rain. Furthermore, the zipper is both airproof and waterproof, with a Kevlar-reinforced, neoprene sleeve at the toe.

Racer says the shoe cover weighs 400 grams, and it’s designed to accommodate virtually any style of road or mountain bike shoe.  

Based in Salon de Provence, France, Racer launched its first heated motorcycle glove in 1983. In 2015, the company introduced its first cycling collection that included gloves, protection wear and now shoe covers. Its heated bike glove, the E-GLOVE 2, was the recipient of a EUROBIKE Award in 2017.

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