- - The Heroïn H1 Limited Edition Road Bike is "Dope"

The Heroïn H1 Limited Edition Road Bike is “Dope”

The boutique French brand, Heroïn, has introduced a limited edition road bike specifically designed for the Haute Route event – aptly called the H1 Limited Edition.

Designed in France, but handmade in Italy, the H1 is designed to excel when things become vertical, featuring tube profiles that have been optimized to bolster stiffness while also saving weight, making it ideally suited for the relentless climbs imposed by the Haute Route sportive race.

Aerodynamics play an equal part in the H1 as well, with an exposed dimpled surface applied to keys areas of the frameset to further help it cheat the wind.

An integrated handlebar and stem combination, along with a proprietary spacer system and a hinged fork further punctuate the design of the H1.

Each H1 is made to order, which comes equipped with a Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 groupset, ROTOR’s INPOWER crankset and various wheelset choices including offerings from Lightweight. 

Want one? 

You better be prepared to act quickly and be able to lay down plenty of francs, as the H1 is limited to just 349 copies, with the frameset alone costing €5,490.





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