- - The LAVO is a Hydrogen-Powered Bike

The LAVO is a Hydrogen-Powered Bike

The Dutch design firm, StudioMom, has developed the LAVO, a compact modular hydrogen-powered bike that incorporates the Australian-based company’s hydrogen storage LAVO System.

StudioMom has previously designed e-bikes and other sustainable means of transport for several brands including Gazelle and Cortina.

“Hydrogen technology is the promise of emission-free energy and makes it possible to transport three times as much energy per weight unit compared to a state-of-the-art battery,” explains StudioMom. “A longer range, higher speed or increased payload is therefore easy to achieve. Small-scale transport in combination with hydrogen is finally tackling the problem of the short action radius. As a result, the cargo bike can increasingly serve as an alternative to cars to transport cargo over a longer distance.”

The LAVO System is the first and only commercial-ready hydrogen energy storage system that’s designed for everyday use by residential homes and businesses, which was developed by researchers at University of New South Wales with the goal of providing a more versatile and sustainable solution than other energy storage technologies. 

In the case of the LAVO Bike, its hydrogen technology is emission-free and makes it possible to carry 3 times as much energy per unit of weight, allowing for both a greater range of travel as well as the ability to transport larger amounts of cargo.

“The LAVO bicycle is designed as a toolbox for emission-free mobility. It grows with you through different life stages and is adaptable for different applications for small business use; from city bike to cargo bike. The unique Elian steering front hub ensures excellent performance, stiffness and driving comfort,” StudioMom says. 

While the LAVO remains a concept bike, the viability of hydrogen as a source of energy for power-assisted bikes is gaining a foothold in the micromobility segment.

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