- - The Polybion is a Grow-It-Yourself Fungi Helmet for Kids

The Polybion is a Grow-It-Yourself Fungi Helmet for Kids

The Polybion is a grow-it-yourself helmet that’s forms itself from mycelium, the vegetable part of fungi that grows into a tightly woven, branch-like hyphae for its structure.

Additionally, this network of filaments are natural binders, allowing them to adhere any surface they grow on. The process of making this helmet also gets the kids involved in a meaningful activity that teaches them about sustainability and safety.

”We have developed a helmet that can be made out of hay and Mycelium. It is 100% compostable, breathable, and impact resistant. The helmet reduces the use of plastics in a product that will be disposed of in a short time due to the child’s growth rate,” says the team at NOS Design. To further develop the design, NOS partnered with the company Polybion, which developed a product called Fungicel (a patent that uses mycelium) that grows into a foam like structure to create a cushion of protection against impact.

Equally important, the fungi material is biodegradable, sustainable and a low-cost alternative to materials while also possessing thermal and fire-resistant properties.

In fact, mycelium is being used in the construction industry as an alternative to cement, lowering the world’s carbon footprint. Moreover, mycelium composite manufacturing can also be a catalyst in developing new bio-industries in rural areas, generating sustainable economic growth while creating new jobs.

You can learn more about the Polybion helmet by visiting NOS Design’s website here. 





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