- - The Stark Drive Mini E-Bike Brings Affordable Transportation to the Masses

The Stark Drive Mini E-Bike Brings Affordable Transportation to the Masses

Looking to transcend the current standards of the electric bicycle market, Stark Drive has introduced a new level of personal conveyance and convenience on two wheels called the Stark Drive Mini, which brings affordable transportation to the masses for a paltry $299.

Indeed, the Stockholm-based Stark Drive says they’ve introduced its new e-bike as a means of providing what they say is “the most optimal experience for the rider, without an exorbitant price tag.”

The new Stark Drive Mini can easily be folded after the rider has arrived at his or her destination and conveniently carried into the office or classroom.

The Stark Drive Mini is also compact enough to be taken on a plane (adhering to FAA & TSA guidelines), giving owners increased mobility wherever their travels take them.

“The Stark Drive Mini is the ultimate city commuter which takes you from point A to point B in style and comfort, with its long battery life allowing for unlimited stops in between if you wish. It is the first e-bike that can be brought on a plane, making your travel experience more convenient and less reliant on other means of transportation,” said Stark Drive’s CEO and Founder, Oscar Stark. 

The Stark Drive Mini features a 250 W motor in the rear wheel and can power a rider up to 15 mph (25 km/h) and up to 9 miles (15 km) on throttle and battery power alone, or up to 25 miles (40 km) with added pedal assist.

The base model comes with a 36V, 7Ah and 252 Wh removable battery concealed within the frame of the bicycle, USB charging, integrated headlight and a 90 dB horn. at an extra cost, riders can upgrade to a 9Ah or 12Ah battery which increases the range of the e-bike. as well as many others, other upgrades include belt drive, color displays, upgrade to 350W, airless tires, racks, fenders and GPS tracking. 

Stark Drive wants everyone to have access to its new Drive Mini folding e-Bike courtesy of a special promotional price being offered as a part of their Indiegogo campaign, which includes the SD Mini City ($299), the SD Mini City ($499), the SD Air at ($599) and the SD Mini Advanced at ($699).

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