- - THM Carbones Unveils New Lightweight Power Meter Crank

THM Carbones Unveils New Lightweight Power Meter Crank

THM Carbones has unveiled a new power meter crank based on their Clavicula SE crankset, which incorporates technology from the Danish company, Sensitivus, to create what the German brand claims to have the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio of any power crank currently on the market.

“THM’s move to adopt our power meter technology is a stamp of quality for Sensitivus,” says CEO Rolf Ostergaard. “The selection by a company known for un-compromised engineering is proof that our power meter technology fits well with everything, from the sublime, high-end cranksets all the way to very high-volume. This selection only reconfirms our pride in this power meter technology and our confidence to drive future innovation in the sector.”

According to THM, the Clavicula SE sets a new benchmark for lightweight power meter cranksets, tipping the scales at just 325g for the complete crankset sans the chainrings. “We are extremely pleased with the collaboration,” adds Ostergaard, “The integration of carbon fibers and strain gauges at this level required some next-level techniques to be developed. Together we have created something truly unique.”

Additionally, the new Clavicula SE is compatible with most cycling computers thanks to its ANT+ and BLE protocols. Moreover, Sensitivus’ firmware gives users access to the same iOS and Android apps as all other power meters such as the Team ZWATT app. 

“We offer technology as a way for manufacturers to take the next step and stay competitive in the power meter market with a good margin. Along with the electronics, firmware, and know-how, Sensitivus provides a complete software setup required to run a power meter product line. This includes smartphone apps, cloud services, back-end tools, and all the test and calibration systems for manufacturing,” explains Ostergaard.

The THM Clavicula SE sells for approximately $2,150.00, which is available in both standard and compact configurations with crankarms in lengths of 170mm, 172.5mm and 175mm. 

You can find out more by visiting THM Carbones’ website here.  


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