- - TORQ Performance Fueling & Hydration System Reviewed

TORQ Performance Fueling & Hydration System Reviewed

article by Adam Atherton

Having recently put the full line of TORQ products (TORQ Fueling & Recovery Products) to the test, my simple take away is this, they have it nailed on all fronts – ease of use, excellent taste, unsurpassed nutritional makeup and ingredients, and most importantly, the ability to keep my body well hydrated and optimally fueled and recovered.  

Indeed, TORQ’s comprehensive range of products, which include gels, chews, bars and hydration and recovery drinks, kept me completely topped-off during a variety of disciplines that included long distance cycling, hill running and strenuous hikes in the White Mountains of New Hampshire – across all weather and temperature extremes. 

In talking about the TORQ gels, I was initially apprehensive with the selection of flavors (TORQ gels), but after using them out on the road I have to say they delivered full marks on the taste quotient.

As an aside, I am a high school Outdoor Education teacher and took a group of students on a long hike in the White Mountains. I brought with me a range of TORQ bars, chews, a few gels and electrolyte drink mix knowing full well that high school students might not be as prepared.  I am thankful to have the TORQ products with me as one particular student ran out of water three quarters of the way through our eight hour day hike. I offered him one of my TORQ hydration (fuel + electrolyte) bottles and a Rhubarb & Custard gel.  He was apprehensive at first, similar to my initial response when reading the Rhubarb & Custard label but he was desperate and ate it.   To his surprise he perked up and said, “WOW!  “This tastes great and it feels like I am coming back to life.”  I would hazard to guess, that other products made with artificial ingredients would not have had such an immediate and effective response like the TORQ gel and electrolyte drink did.  

Another feature I appreciate about the TORQ gels is how easy they are to open. I have used some products in the past, that make opening the package during a workout tedious at best, if not a safety hazard. With the TORQ gels, it only took a few seconds to open the package and get the nutrition in my body. It’s nice to see, that TORQ went the extra mile to design all of their packaging to allow for ease of use during all forms of exercise. 

The TORQ fueling + electrolyte drink was a pleasant surprise to use as well, as it was not only delicious but was not over powering on the taste buds either. Having this onboard allowed me to extend my rides and runs because of it’s advanced nutritional formula (TORQ Energy). I also found it surprising that it didn’t leave a horrid aftertaste like many other products I’ve used in the past did.    

I was also pleasantly surprised with the TORQ Bars and Chews because they provided me with another layer to stay fueled.

I found the TORQ bars to always be moist and busting with flavor. And, I especially liked the Raspberry Apple, but they were all tasty and easy on the palate in their own right (TORQ Bars).

Like their gels, the TORQ bars can be easily consumed out on the bike and are also very easy to open, again safety first.

In addition, I like the fact that all of the TORQ bars involve Fair Trade, which means that farmers who yield the crop are guaranteed a fair price.

Way to go TORQ!  

The TORQ Chews are also effective in keeping the body properly fueled, but because of their chewiness, on occasion I discovered they could be a little challenging to consume while pushing the pace on the bike (TORQ Chews).

Nevertheless, I enjoyed them on my long hikes and immediately after a run in the mountains because of their ability to provide instant energy for recovery. Moreover, I really like that they are 100% certified organic, while the Mango and Pineapple flavors seemed to pack the best taste.

As a befitting wrap-up to the TORQ range of nutrition, I tested their Performance Recovery Drink, and as we all know, recovery is the name of the game for most athletes –  and the people at TORQ have it dialed in.  

For example, after several grueling days of riding in the sun and heat I was feeling it. My body was tired and my legs were heavy. After drinking the Strawberry and Cream TORQ Recovery drink I felt properly fed and rejuvenated. Furthermore, I was impressed with how easily it mixed and smooth it went down – without any of the chalky after taste that accompanied most other recovery drinks that I’ve used.

TORQ claims, its recovery drink provides all the essential ratios of whole ingredients (TORQ Recovery) to help your body repair and grow stronger after a day’s effort. I concur, after using their product, I found that I was all the more able to get back on my bike each day and resume my workout regimen.     

Overall, I’m extremely impressed with TORQ’s comprehensive range of products, which they aptly refer to as a fueling system. Indeed, following their guidelines to a ‘T’, it allowed me to remain fully hydrated and nourished during even the longest and most strenuous rides, runs or hikes.

In conclusion, the engineers at TORQ have really nailed down the science of sports/endurance nutrition, by providing serious athletes with a range of products that not only exceed the boundaries of performance, but do so in an easy to use, comprehensive system that consists of natural ingredients that are equally beneficial for the body.

I look forward to continuing to use TORQ products in my everyday athletic endeavors and weekend competitions.   




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