- - Training Today App Offers Bespoke Cycling Workouts and a Series of New Updates

Training Today App Offers Bespoke Cycling Workouts and a Series of New Updates

Building on the recent success of its running workouts, the Training Today App team has announced its latest feature “dynamic cycling workouts”, personalized cycling sessions that are expertly curated by their coaching team, uniquely customized using an individual’s readiness to train (RTT) score.

Combining the advanced capabilities of Apple Watch and its own proprietary algorithm, the Training Today App provides a simple and accurate readiness to train (RTT) score to help an individual optimize their training and lifestyle choices. Following on from the successful launch of their running workouts in March 2024 the team is excited to introduce a new range of cycling-specific sessions; structured workouts curated by their expert coaching team, to help users get the most out of every ride and to safely achieve their fitness and performance goals.

These new dynamic cycling workouts are now available to access via the Training Today App and are designed to meet each user’s unique readiness level. The sessions are grouped into five distinct categories: Power, Endurance, Speed Endurance, Recovery, and Tempo. Athletes can select a “Challenge Level” ranging from Easy to Challenging, with the default setting aligned with their RTT score to ensure optimal intensity and safety.

The Training Today App allows users to choose whether they want to do their workouts based on heart rate zones or power zones. This flexibility is invaluable, offering athletes the ability to truly personalize their training experience. By selecting heart rate-based workouts, users can focus on maintaining a specific heart rate range, which is helpful for endurance and aerobic sessions. Alternatively, power-based workouts utilize the integration with power meters, allowing cyclists to maintain a target level of watts for the most precise training.

Once a workout is selected, it’s sent directly to the user’s Apple Watch, providing step-by-step guidance throughout the session. This seamless integration ensures a smooth training experience, allowing cyclists to track their progress in real time while focusing on their chosen metrics.

Founder and Managing Director of the Cycling Today App, Ian Blackburn, has over 20 years in the app industry, also running a successful blog on using Apple Watch for triathlons “The Apple Watch Triathlete” and has published an ebook called “How to train like an IronMan with Apple Watch”.

Ian says, “We’re excited to introduce dynamic cycling workouts, and further develop the experience our valued users have of the Training Today App. These workouts help to simplify the process of planning a training session, providing inspiration for those who might not be currently following a structured training plan. This new feature is a natural progression for us, and we’re committed to continuing our development to meet the needs of our users.”

Head Coach of the Training Today App, Ade Bungay, who also contributed to the running workouts, noted, “An athlete’s RTT score is an extremely powerful tool, and when properly used and interpreted, can greatly help coaches and athletes make informed decisions about their workouts. The introduction of dynamic cycling workouts is extremely exciting, and I’ve enjoyed being a part of the development process. The update features some great workouts, and is a superb springboard for athletes that are looking to introduce variety and quality to their training miles.”

The Training Today App is free to download and is compatible with iOS devices. Subscription options start from £2.95 per month or £19.99 per year, with a limited-time offer for a lifetime subscription at £26.99.

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