- - Tune Offers New Leichtes Stück and Schwarzes Stück Seatposts

Tune Offers New Leichtes Stück and Schwarzes Stück Seatposts

As it turns out, not everything from Tune is made from the magical cloth we call carbon fiber. Case in point, the German brand’s new Leichtes Stück seatpost, which is crafted from 7075 aluminum.

At just one glance however, it’s readily apparent that this is no ordinary seatpost machined from aluminum. Rather, the Leichtes Stück features some elaborate external machining that leaves behind an intricate laser inscribed pattern, which in Tune’s words reflects the design of “half-timbered houses, tower cranes and bridge structures.”

According to Tune, the Leichtes Stück weighs in at a mere 155g (340mm), and it’s available in a 27.2 diameter in lengths of 340mm and 420mm, along with a zero offset clamp.

If carbon fiber remains your schtick, Tune offers its new Schwarzes Stück, which reduces weight down to an astonishingly light 96g in a size 27.2 x 350mm, thanks to its UD carbon construction, carbon saddle rails and titanium hardware.

Like its aluminum sibling, the Schwarzes Stück also features a zero offset clamp, which is available in a 31.6mm diameter and 420mm length as well. 

You can learn more about the seatposts by visiting Tune’s website here. 

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