- - Twisted Spoke Offers New CBD + CBG Chamois Cream

Twisted Spoke Offers New CBD + CBG Chamois Cream

Your nether regions will rejoice, now that Twisted Spoke is offering a new chamois cream that combines the benefits of CBD and CBG.

“Our topical anti-chafing cream is great for cyclists, runners, rowers, climbers, and anyone else who suffers from chafing caused by repetitive motion and friction. The product is formulated to maintain a balanced pH suitable for all users,” boasts Twisted Spoke

The initial task for Twisted Spoke was the development of what they believe is the best chamois cream in the market. Following numerous refinements, they achieved the desired cream formulation and subsequently supplemented it with 1000mg of CBD and 500mg of CBG, aimed at benefitting riders who are susceptible to dreaded saddle sores or numbness.

The Chamois Cream by Twisted Spoke is the second step within their topical product series, following the first step of the Cooling Gel and preceding the third step, the Recovery Cream. For best results, Twisted Spoke recommends using this with their other topicals and tinctures. Sports Gel is great before a workout (apply after the chamois cream), and Recovery Cream is great for improved recovery post-exercise.

Key Features:

  • Longest lasting – This product surpasses others in its ability to last, boasting a distinctive, denser texture that exhibits water resistance. It proves highly effective for swimming, particularly in triathlons, and has numerous podium finishes in prominent ultra-endurance events worldwide, such as Unbound Gravel.
  • Premium product – There’s no denying that this chamois cream comes at a higher price compared to the majority. However, it undeniably stands as the top choice. It falls comfortably within a reasonable price range for casual cyclists seeking a high-quality experience. Additionally, given its substantial thickness and long-lasting nature, a little goes a long way, making it a cost-effective option.
  • pH balanced for everyone – Their design philosophy was to make a singular product that works for everyone, eliminating confusion for customers and retailers.
  • CBG – Twisted Spoke uses CBD and CBG to improve blood flow to constrained areas. CBG is recognized as one of the most effective antimicrobials. Not only does this cream prevent saddle sores, but it also treats existing saddle sores and improves rides for those experiencing soft tissue discomfort.
  • MSRP: $49.99





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