- - Two Wheel Gear Offers "Modular Commute Backpack Kit"

Two Wheel Gear Offers “Modular Commute Backpack Kit”

The Vancouver-based start-up, Two Wheel Gear, has taken to a crowd-funding campaign in order to get its Modular Commute Backpack Kit into full production.

The Modular Commute Backpack Kit is a three-bag system that comprises the Backpack itself, along with a regular-style pack, or one that can also be mounted pannier-style on a rack.

Additionally, there’s also a Seat Pack that features a quick-release/Velcro-strapped that attaches to the seatpost/saddle rails and a Top Tube Bag that’s strapped to the bike’s toptube at the junction of the handlebar and stem.

When the cyclist reaches his or her destination, the packs can be removed from the bike and easily attached to the quick-release mounts on the outside of the Backpack.

From there, the whole setup can be worn on the cyclist’s back, and kept securely in one place.

The kit’s Modular Attachment System (M.A.S.) works with any bike and allows cyclists to attach the seat pack and top tube bag (among other gear) to the back of their chosen backpack for easy off bike carrying. 

“This is the first step in planned major design changes coming from Two Wheel Gear in 2020,” says Reid Hemsing, founder and CEO, Two Wheel Gear. “Our new design lead Greg Bass and our whole team have been heads down for months and this first introduction really speaks to Greg’s trademark problem solving and smart design sensibilities. It’s a solution for any bike commuter, on any type of bike, in any type of weather.”

Along with multiple internal storage compartments, the Backpack also features external pockets for a water bottle and a U-lock, plus it has padded mesh shoulder straps and a stowable rain cover. All three of the bags are made of waterproofed polyester, and have rainproof zippers.

Cyclists who are interested in the Modular Commute Backpack Kit can take advantage of a special discount on Kickstarter, offering early-backers a complete system for $204/CAD$270, which will get them a setup with the non-pannier Backpack.  



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