- - Upside Racks Can Fit Any Bike to Any Vehicle

Upside Racks Can Fit Any Bike to Any Vehicle


Over the years, we’ve seen bike racks of every denomination, ranging from the most sophisticated contraptions to suction cups, with each one  having its limitations and specific applications. 

However, a new start-up brand called Upside Racks claims its new rack system can mount any bike on to any vehicle that has an existing roof rack in a matter of seconds. The only catch, is that the bike must be mounted upside down, thus the name Upside Racks.  


While virtually every rack system on the market secures the bike using either its front fork or front wheel, the Upside Rack attaches to the bike’s handlebar and saddle using soft clamps. And, once mounted the bike/assembly is flipped over and mounted to the vehicle’s roof rack via  opposing hooks which can be secured to any style of cross bars.

Upside Racks claims this process can be accomplished in a matter of 20 seconds.

Additionally, when the inventive rack system isn’t in use, it quickly folds up for easy storage.

At last, if cakes can be upside down, so now can bikes. 😉  

You can learn more about Upside Racks, by visiting their Kickstarter page here.

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