- - Vanquish Claims to be HED's Fastest Wheel Ever Created

Vanquish Claims to be HED’s Fastest Wheel Ever Created

HED’s new Vanquish Disc claims to be the fastest wheel the American brand has ever created.

Constructed with a hybrid spoked/carbon design, HED says its new Vanquish Disc is lighter, stronger and faster than the competition, relying on a hybrid design to create a level of stiffness and efficiency that greatly limits wheel flex.

According to HED, given the Vanquish Disc’s 30mm external/21mm internal width and tubeless ready tire bed, the wheel offers excellent aero performance over a range of tire widths – measuring similar drag with tires ranging from 23-28mm labeled width. The design allows riders to choose a tire that provides the best grip, comfort and rolling resistance for the road conditions. 

The Vanquish Disc is the latest in the Vanquish line, which saw the introduction of the Vanquish V4GP and Vanquish V6GP earlier this year. The proprietary Vanquish V4GP and V6GP rims feature an all-new shape with a 30mm external/21mm internal width.

The design results in superb aerodynamic performance with 23-28mm tires. The rims are then mated to HED GP hubs via 24 Sapim XC-Sprint spokes. The V4GP and V6GP are also well suited to gravel and endurance riding as Vanquish will optimize the shape, ride quality, and even aerodynamics of wide gravel and cyclocross tires.

Constructed in HED’s Minnesota factory, the Vanquish Aero Disc, V4GP and V6GP are available in disc brake only. As carbon rims do not cool as efficiently as alloy rims, the extreme heating and cooling cycles of an all-carbon rim brake clincher design compromises the structural integrity of the inner tube and can cause a tire casing to soften or even melt. Removing the rim brake from the equation allows HED to make rim profiles that wouldn’t fit inside of a rim brake. It’s a true disc-brake-specific rim, unencumbered by rim brake constraints.

The V4GP and V6GP come equipped with either 12mm or 15mm thru axles front and 12mm rear (conversion available for standard quick release skewers). The V4GP and V6GP are available with either Shimano or SRAM XDr cassette bodies. The V4GP weigh 1,511 grams (pair), the V6GP 1,631 grams (pair). Both wheelsets have an MSRP of $1950.00.

The 1.134g Vanquish Aero Disc also comes complete with a 12mm thru-axle (conversion available for standard quick release skewers) and is available with Shimano, SRAM XDr or Campagnolo cassette bodies for $2,695.00.



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