- - Vittoria Targets Less Weight and Speed with New "Ultra Light Speed" Inner Tube

Vittoria Targets Less Weight and Speed with New “Ultra Light Speed” Inner Tube

Vittoria is targeting less weight and greater speed with the launch of its new Ultra Light Speed inner tube, claiming it’s 70% lighter and 14% faster than other tubes, while also bolstering puncture resistance by 57%. Better still, the tube is also recyclable.

According to Vittoria, all of this is achieved through the use of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a lightweight, flexible compound that measures a mere .35mm thick, compared to 1mm for most other butyl inner tubes.

“So if you’re that rider who uses folding tube-type tires, this is the easiest way to drop weight and make your tires roll faster. If you’re a tubeless rider, this is the ultimate accessory to keep in your jersey pocket or saddlebag because it takes up no room and weighs next to nothing,” boasts the storied Italian brand.

While all of this sounds great, there’s a caveat associated with TPU as well, that’s its sensitively to heat.

“High temperature is the sworn enemy of thermoplastic polyurethane. To guarantee total safety for the rider, we recommend using these inner tubes exclusively with bicycles equipped with disc brakes,” explains Vittoria.

The Ultra Light Speed is available in 700x25c and 700x30c with a 60mm valve and a removable Presta core, making the tubes compatibility with any rim depth up to 50mm.

However, by removing the Presta core and using valve extensions, Vittoria says the tubes can also be used with deeper profile wheels.





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