- - Wahoo Updates Range of Speedplay Pedals Plus Adds Power Meter

Wahoo Updates Range of Speedplay Pedals Plus Adds Power Meter

Wahoo has updated its range of Speedplay pedals to include a new pedal-based power meter option.

The range has been streamlined to just four models, the Nano, Aero, Comp, and Zero, which are now available in a number of spindle materials and bearing options, as well as cleats that offer two different modes of clip in – “standard feel” and “easier”.

Additionally, the cleats are compatible with older models of Speedplay pedals, while the adjustable float feature of 0 to 15 degrees is available for both cleats as well.

Other stand-out features of the range include a revised pedal body that’s been redesigned for increased durability and a new steel surround that replaces the old “bowtie” plates, along with triple-sealed bearings for minimal maintenance and the elimination of the 15mm wrench “flats” in favor of an 8mm hex opening at the base of the spindle.

At just 86g per pedal, the titanium spindled Nano is Speedplay’s flagship pedal, and the hefty price tag of $449 reflects it.

Next, is the 111g Zero, which keeps the cost down to $299 thanks to a stainless steel spindle. But, the pedal is available in several different spindle lengths (Q-factors of 53mm, 56mm, 59mm, and 65mm).

For those on a budget, Speedplay offers the 116g Comp for $149, which retains most of the features of its more expensive brethren, but reduces the price by using a chromoly spindle.

If cheating the wind is a priority, for $279 Speedplay offers the 112g Aero, which features the same stainless steel spindle as the Zero, but is limited to single-sided entry in order to reduce the pedal’s aerodynamic signature.

As for the pedal-based power meter option, Wahoo has plans to launch the Powerlink Pro pedals this summer, which will feature a power meter that’s integrated into the spindle, similar to what’s currently offered by Garmin and Favero, albeit in Speedplay’s usual minimalist design.

More details on the Powerlink Pro pedals are to follow. 



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