- - "We are Greater than I" Cycling Film Short

“We are Greater than I” Cycling Film Short

Trek Factory Racing, in partnership with Samsung, created this film to celebrate the domestiques of professional cycling. Those who sacrifice and suffer. Those who #ridefor the greater good of their team. Those who are evidence that together, we are greater than I.

This film features Trek Factory Racing Team’s super domestique Gregory Rast and team leader Fabian Cancellara.

We, at Samsung, as well as all the domestiques on the road, strive for the same mission: Make yourself better by contributing to something greater than yourself.

We Are Greater Than I

Forget your screaming legs, your thinning breath and exhausted body.
Shut up your doubting mind and self-centered pain.
We can’t hear any of that.
This ride isn’t about you.
It’s not about the pain you feel.
It’s about what we’re capable of.
This isn’t about you.
You’re not going to win anyway,
But together, together we might.
So go on, forget yourself.

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