- - Zipp Dazzles with Rainbow Colored 30th Anniversary Super-9 Disc Wheels

Zipp Dazzles with Rainbow Colored 30th Anniversary Super-9 Disc Wheels

Zipp has decided to dazzle the senses once again, by offering an assortment of rainbow-colors for the clincher version of its Super-9 disc wheel, which harks back to the company’s origins. 

Indeed, such colors are nothing new for Zipp, as the American brand became noted for getting their Ya-Ya’s out with similar bright colors when it first launched back in the late 1980’s.

However, much has changed in the way of technology since then, as advanced aerodynamic profiling and carbon construction, not to mention the addition of disc brakes, have come to redefine Zipp’s full carbon disc wheel as a top choice amongst pro riders and enthusiasts alike.

The limited edition Super-9 disc sells for $2875, which features the company’s latest ABLC dimple pattern technology and 188 hubs. 

According to Zipp, the wheels will become available next month, which can be purchased from authorized dealers or directly from their website

more from Zipp…

Pick your color. Make it personal. In celebration of our 30th anniversary, Zipp is putting an old school spin on our pro-proven Super-9 Carbon Clincher Disc wheels. For a limited time, pick your color from our historical palette inspired by our first wheels in 1988—white, yellow, blue, and magenta—and then apply our exclusive Zipp ImPress direct-print technology to inscribe your name (or short inspirational message) on your disc. Please note, the name inscription is only for those ordering directly through

Beyond the four historic colors, we’re also offering for the first time a Super-9 Disc, customized with the buyer’s name, in our stealthy NSW graphic pattern. It’s a perfect match for those riding NSW front wheels. The NSW-graphic Super-9 is available in rim-brake or disc-brake versions. You can personalize the NSW graphic disc with your name, too, if you order from

Zipp was founded in 1988 with a sole mission—make you faster. That remains unchanged today, even as our technology has grown leaps and bounds. Our Zipp 30th Anniversary Super-9 Discs combine bold colors and blinding speed.

The Super-9 Carbon Clincher optimizes supreme aerodynamics, power transfer, stiffness, lightweight and durability — all with the convenience and low rolling resistance of a clincher:

  • Non-parallel brake track helps to smooth the airflow transition from the tire onto the disc’s surface. 
  • Wide profile is virtually the same width from rim to hub for aero efficiency. 
  • Exclusive resin effectively tolerates the incredible spikes in heat caused by braking to provide reliability and stopping power. 
  • Ridden to victory in world time trial, team time trial, triathlon.

Three decades ago, the Zipp catalog—which was one page—boldly stated: “The ZIPP Disc has been built by an advanced fiber composites manufacturer using today’s esoteric manufacturing techniques.” That’s still true today.

Touting Zipp’s original bold colors, our old school catalog continues: “Aesthetically we use the large surface area of a disc to our advantage, as bright is what we tried for and what you receive…”

These new colorful discs made their public debut being ridden to a world championship title in the team time trial by CANYON//SRAM Racing. The boldness is back. White. Yellow. Blue. Magenta. Pick one, and add your name to it. Make it personal. Make it fast.

Carbon Clincher Rim Brake
1,155g weight
27.5mm max width
17.25mm internal width
ABLC™ dimple pattern
188 hub
XDR compatible
Available in White, Yellow, Magenta, Blue and NSW graphic
MSRP: $2,875 / €2,429 / £2,169




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