- - Zwift Offers New Titans Grove Expansion of Watopia

Zwift Offers New Titans Grove Expansion of Watopia

Zwift has launched a new expansion of its popular Watopia training platform this month, which the brand is calling a “feast for the eyes!”

Dubbed Titans Grove, the new expansion represents Zwift’s most visually stunning addition to date, featuring giant Sequoia trees of the Sierra Nevada and twisting roads that plot the area’s continuously rolling terrain.

Here’s a preview of what to expect.

Additionally, there are three new gradual climbs for those who like to grab KOM points, with the longest being a timed Strava segment. 

“I think this may be the most beautiful part of Watopia,” says Eric Min, Zwift CEO and co-founder. “I’m not normally one for pausing on a workout, but this area rewards the eyes as much as the legs.”

Riders are treated to more that just rolling roads and the surrounding flora, as there’s plenty of fauna to see as well like a bear who climbs a tree looking for honey, bald eagles, a rubber ducky in the geysers and more. 

In addition to the new area of Watopia, which is live on the app now, Zwift has also added five new routes.

  • Big Foot Hills – A journey across the lower peaks of Watopia, including the Volcano KOM.
    67.5 km (42 miles) long, 706 m (2316′) elevation
  • Dust in the Wind – Travel through Watopia’s two forests (Titans Grove and the Mayan jungle) as well as Fuego Flats.
    54.6 km (34 miles) long, 585 m (1920′) elevation
  • Muir and the Mountain – Begin through Titans Grove, then climb the Epic KOM and descend back down to do it all again.
    34.5 km (21.4 miles) long, 792 m (2600′) elevation
  • Quatch Quest – Take on the Titans Grove then climb the Epic KOM, finishing atop Alpe du Zwift.
    46 km (28.6 miles) long, 1708 m (5600′) elevation
  • Sand and SequoiasTour the desert and the forest in one loop.
    20 km (12.5 miles) long, 173 m (567.5′) elevation

You can learn more about the new Titans Grove expansion by visiting Zwift’s website here

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