- - Zycle Unveils ZDrive Smart Trainer

Zycle Unveils ZDrive Smart Trainer

With Old Jack Frost already starting to rear his head in many parts of the world, with Old Man Winter right around the corner, it’s that time of year again when even the most die-hard of roadies seeks refuge from the elements and retreats to indoor training. But, even the most dedicated cyclists can be discourage by the monotony associated with a trainer that lacks the ability to simulate the feel of being out on the open road.

However, a relative newcomer to the segment, Zycle, has unveiled its latest smart trainer called the ZDrive, offering cyclists a real virtual experience of the road courtesy of a massive 1800 watts of resistance, +/-2.5% power accuracy and the ability to simulate climbs up to a 20% gradient.

But, perhaps the real standout feature of the ZDrive, is its USB connectivity, allowing users to connect directly to their router or computer without a dongle, eliminating the wonkiness of a wireless signal that can often disrupt training programs like Zwift, BKool, Roouvy, TrainerRoad and Wahoo’s latest SYSTM. Moreover, the trainer also has built-in ANT+ and Bluetooth FTMS capabilities, making it compatible with most any device.

Another impressive aspect about the ZDrive, is the optional external ZPower battery pack, a feature that the Spanish brand says cuts the amount of electrical power used by other trainers in half, with a battery life that can last for hours before needing to be recharged.

The ZDrive comes standard with QR skewers and an 11speed Shimano freehub body, along with axle adapters to fit 9mm, 12mm and Boost axles, with pricing and availability for the US market to be announced. 



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