- - 100 Copies Unveils Its Latest Print Called "Journey to Zen"

100 Copies Unveils Its Latest Print Called “Journey to Zen”

100 Copies has unveiled its latest cycling print called Journey to Zen, which expresses the inward journey that all cyclists experience when in the saddle.

“Sometimes, taking our bike out for a ride brings us on an inward journey. Almost like a form of Zen meditation, the noise fades, our mind clears, and all we are focused on is the path before us. The longer and further we go, the more we learn about ourselves and the nature of our mind.This artwork is inspired by Japanese Zen gardens. Its fluid strokes are created with a bold rake brush to simulate the continuous lines or samon (砂紋) in the gravel, and represent the journey each rider takes,” explains 100 Copies Thomas Yang. 

The work measures 500mm X 700mm, which is printed on 250gsm Tangerine white paper that’s suitable for archival use.

Like all of Yang’s work, Journey to Zen is limited to just 100 copies.


100 Copies 


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