- - 100 Copies Unveils Latest Cycling Print Called the "Peloton"

100 Copies Unveils Latest Cycling Print Called the “Peloton”

100 Copies has unveiled its latest cycling print called the Peloton, depicting the ever-changing formation of riders en masse as they adjust their strategies to tackle wind, terrain and the moves of their competitors as they race for the line.

We ride elbow to elbow, wheel to wheel,  taking turns to shield and be shielded from the wind.

We ride so closely to one another that there is no room for misjudgment.

We begin to react instinctively, flowing as one, as if we are part of the same body.

Knowing all the time that only one of us can be the first to cross the finishing line.

Are we competitors or comrades?

In the peloton, it’s complicated.

Says artist Thomas Yang.

Inspired by the physics of ink flowing with gravity, the Peloton overlaps 3 High-Intensity Fluorescent Pantone Colors to create many more brilliant shades that represent cyclists overlapping one another in a peloton.

As the name suggests, each artwork is limited to just 100 copies, which are watermarked, stamped, labeled with the title and edition number. As such, no two copies are ever completely identical.

You can purchase a copy of the Peloton, by visiting 100 Copies here.


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