- - 100 Copies Unveils New Glide Glory Glow Cycling Print

100 Copies Unveils New Glide Glory Glow Cycling Print

100 Copies has unveiled its latest cycling print called Glide Glow Glory, which pays tribute to the time trialists who push the boundaries of physical and mental strength in the sport.

A lone cyclist on a long road.
Gliding like a drop of mercury.

Stepping on it
Like a well-oiled machine.
Like a pumping heart in a warm body.

Trying to outride no one, but speed and time –
Legends of glory that will reveal what one is made of.

They call this, the Race of Truth.

Interestingly, this theme also involves Thomas Yang’s first use of high-intensity fluorescent color, wherein the ink is applied in a flowing, gravitational manner, allowing the three pantone colors to overlap, creating many more brilliant shades. Moreover, the prints are designed to glow under fluorescent lighting.

Like all of Yang’s work, Glide Glow Glory is printed on archival grade paper, and is limited to just 100 copies.


100 Copies 

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