- - 100 % Dazzles with Limited Edition Peter Sagan Sunglasses

100 % Dazzles with Limited Edition Peter Sagan Sunglasses

100% is dazzling Peter Sagan fans with its latest limited edition sunglasses that are bedecked in all-manner of tie dye.

“The design’s emblazoned frames blend bright colors with triple layer purple mirrored lenses, which is a stark contrast to Sagan’s prior LE collections. By wildly tweaking, and then finely tuning the Team TotalEnergies logo colors, we realized a pattern to echo Peter’s unconventional and eccentric personality and riding style,” says 100%.

“I feel like this is one of my most creative executions to date with 100%,” adds Sagan. “Personally, working with the brand’s Co-Founders Marc and Ludo to create something unique year after year is always something I look forward to. They continue to empower me to express my personality in creating products that connect with my soul. The bond we have forged is unbreakable, and I look forward to continuing down this path with a true partner.

“Peter has been a 100% brand champion since 2017 and continues to echo the voice of our brand’s innovation and personality. He has been instrumental in fine-tuning the performance and craftsmanship of our sport performance eyewear for years,” said Gwen van Lingen, VP of Global Sales & Marketing. “We love working with Peter because he always knows what he wants, which is the best product out there, and we strive to exceed his expectations year after year. Peter has a unique and boisterous style, and we wanted to showcase that by amplifying his character in our most advanced sunglasses. I feel we accomplished that with this amazing collection!”

The 2022 Sagan LE Collection is offered in some of the best-selling 100% performance eyewear models — S3, S2, and Speedcraft. The S3 blends form and function at the highest level. The superb peripheral field of view, great protection and an uncompromising fit makes the S3 a great choice for fast riding and racing.

The lower-profile S2 is the most versatile sports-performance eyewear on the market and is ideal for everyday performance across a wide range of sports, while the cylindrical shield of the SPEEDCRAFT offers 360-degree visibility and protection in the most extreme racing conditions.

Each sunglass comes with 100% x Sagan LE Special Edition Tie-Dye packaging and pouch that’s available at and select cycling retailers around the world.


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