- - 100% Teams-Up with Peter Sagan on New Glendale Sunglasses

100% Teams-Up with Peter Sagan on New Glendale Sunglasses

100% has once again teamed-up with Peter Sagan to launch a new model of sunglasses called the Glendale.

What distinguishes the retro inspired Glendale from previous offerings from the American brand, is they appear to be more focused toward time spent off the bike, than for riding. And, the images of the former three-time World Champion certainly suggest that.

“I have very little time in my life for anything outside of training, media work and racing. But two years ago, when I decided to join forces with the guys at 100%, we got to spend some good relaxing time together in Southern California”, says Sagan. 

“Amongst other things, I remember we instantly clicked on our shared love of vintage design and American vintage muscle cars.”

“Sparks quickly happened and together with the creative team of Jerome and Marc, we went to work on this very special concept that would bridge the gap between one of my life passions and my everyday racing. I was so excited!

 “Peter is so fun. He doesn’t impose limits on imagination at all. But real life and especially competitive cycling provide a lot of constraints”, adds Marc Blanchard, creative director at 100%.

“We had to ensure we could deliver a unique blend of vintage-modern Americana design while continuing to include all the latest eyewear technology we are already known for.”

According to 100%, the Glendale is available in a range of frame colors and lens options, and comes supplied with a clear lens, an alternative fit nosepiece and rubber temples that can be shaped in order to accommodate different size faces.   

Additionally, the Glendale features two vents on the bottom edge of the sunglasses that are designed to improve airflow, with the goal of reducing “fogging”. Moreover, the lenses have a scratch resistant coating and a ‘Hydrolio’ treatment to repel dirt, water and oil.

The Glendale is priced at $185, which is available directly from

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Introducing the Glendale. Vintage inspired design fused with modern technologies and frame materials, the Glendale exceeds today’s standards of visual clarity, comfort and protection. The perfect balance. Timeless is the Glendale.

The Glendale’s performance is second-to-none comprised of premium frame materials and lenses that exceed today’s most demanding standards of visual clarity, comfort and protection. The details in the construction enable users to customize nose and temple fittings. It strikes the perfect balance of timeless styling with premium technologies to match the demands of the most distinguished and demanding riders.

Much like our Barstow goggle, the Glendale takes you back in time, all whilst providing quality, clarity and comfort. Four colors are available with an assortment of replacement lenses to further optimize the exact look you are trying to achieve.



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