- - 2013 International Bicycle Design Competition Part 3

2013 International Bicycle Design Competition Part 3

Thin Bike is the project of a light racing bike with a frame as thin as one centimeter, made possible thanks to the locked solid cylinder profile structure which creates triangular geometries.

My new creation, this "retro-futuristic" low rider cruiser was inspired by the magnificent age of aerodynamic steam locomotives. Pedaling torque is transmitted by coupling rods like steam machines. Hubless wheels run on planetary rollers. The low frame geometry gives a comfortable cruiser feeling. Enjoy it!

Evolve is an electric bike designed for youth with the focus on integrating the battery according to the shape, to create a wholeness that is simple and intuitive. The basis for the project was user studies in which young people were interviewed and observed in their daily environment. The electric bike is easy to use and operate, with an automatic transmission engine. A modular system allows the user to choose a design with mudguards, rear rack, or without these accessories. The battery design is based on "cradle-to-cradle", to maximize the battery life and minimize environmental impacts.

Known for their ergonomics, recumbent tricycles allow people with injuries that prevent them from riding a normal bike to still enjoy riding. However, recumbent tricycle designs have remained unchanged and stagnant. The Gran-Turismo is an update to improve on the areas of aesthetics, safety, materials and technology. Inspired by the essence of a modern super car it aims to match their road bike counterparts in building materials and to stand out in style and performance. Using an existing recumbent tricycle, we overhauled the frame while keeping the same dimensions and geometry to maintain its ergonomics.

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