- - 2013 International Bicycle Design Competition Part 4

2013 International Bicycle Design Competition Part 4

DrinLock is a bicycle accessory design which combines lock and drink holder. When you reach your destination, the drink holder could be easily converted into a bicycle lock. DrinLock not only protects your bike from theft, but also terminates the burden of lock-carrying and optimizes the traditional appearance of locks. When you need a ride, the "lock" could return to the original state "drink holder" by its tightrope spring structure. Due to the simple intuitive operation, and the combination of drink holder and lock, DrinLock has become a novel design of both forms.

Pedals are the interface for the power source, and can also prevent the bicycle from being stolen. Using the profile of the pedal, the two sides of the pedal are extended to form a fork-shape, it is then fixed at the support of the rear wheel, locking the pedal. Thus, the pedal cannot move forwards, offering an elegant anti-theft function.

The new wind-powered bicycle LED headlight utilizes head-on wind while the bike is in motion, to generate electricity as a source of energy for the LED headlight. The electricity is saved in 3xAAA rechargeable batteries and may be used to power a small fan when the cyclist stops at traffic lights.

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