- - 2014 Vuelta a Espana Route Leaked

2014 Vuelta a Espana Route Leaked


Just two days before the official launch of the 2014 Vuelta a España route, the Spanish newspaper, AS, has leaked details of what it claims to be this year’s race venue. 

According to AS, the race is set to begin on August 23rd with a team time trial in Jerez de la Frontera – near the Portuguese border. Of the remaining 20 stages, there will be eight summit finishes, two short time trials and a final stage in Santiago de Compostela; an interesting finale apart from the traditional finish in Madrid. 

Purported route for 2014 Vuelta a España: 

Stage 1, Saturday August 23: Jerez de la Frontera (team time trial)
Stage 2, Sunday August 24: Algeciras – San Fernando (Cádiz)
Stage 3, Monday August 25: Cádiz – Arcos de la Frontera
Stage 4, Tuesday August 26: Mairena del Alcor (Sev) – Córdoba
Stage 5, Wednesday August 27: Priego del Córdoba-Ronda (Mál)
Stage 6, Thursday August 28: Benalmádena (Mál) – La Zubia (Gra) (summit finish)
Stage 7, Friday August 29: Alhendin (Gra) – Alcaudete (Jaén)
Stage 8, Saturday August 30: Baeza (Jaén) – Albacete
Stage 9, Sunday August 31: Carbonera de Guadazón (Cu) – Valdelinares (Ter) (summit finish)

Monday September 1: Rest day

Stage 10, Tuesday September 2: Monasterio de Veruela-Borja (Zaragoza) (individual time trial)
Stage 11, Wednesday September 3: Pamplona-San Miguel de Aratar (Nav) (summit finish)
Stage 12, Thursday September 4: Logroño – Logroño
Stage 13, Friday September 5: Belorado (Bur) – Obregōn (Cant)
Stage 14, Saturday September 6: Santander – La Camperona (Leôn) (summit finish)
Stage 15, Sunday September 7: Oviedo – Lagos de Covadonga (summit finish)
Stage 16, Monday September 8: San Martin del Rey Aurelio – La Farraponá (Ast) (summit finish)

Tuesday September 9: Rest day

Stage 17, Wednesday September 10: Ortigueria (Cor) – A Coruña
Stage 18, Thursday September 11: A Estrada (Pont) – Monte Castrove en Meis (Pont) (summit finish)
Stage 19, Friday September 12: Salvaterra de Miño – Cangas de Morrazo (Pont)
Stage 20, Saturday September 13: Santo Estevio de Riba de Sil (Our) – Ancares (Lug) (summit finish)
Stage 21, Sunday September 14: Santiago de Compostela (individual time trial)


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