- - The LEAFXPRO 2 Bicycle Umbrella

The LEAFXPRO 2 Bicycle Umbrella


We first came across the LEAFXPRO bicycle umbrella about a year ago, and found it to be, well, interesting.

As of this week however, we discovered that the designers have turned to a crowd-funding campaign as a means of getting the LEAFXPRO 2 into full production via Indiegogo.

While we’re mostly inveterate euro-geeks here, who have an incorrigible penchant for only looking good and avoiding any encumbrances, if by chance you’re the kind of cyclists who’s looking for protection from the elements, perhaps the LEAFXPRO 2 warrants your attention.

As for us, we’ll continue to disregard Mother Nature and obsess over the height of our socks. 


from the designers...

The idea of the LEAFXPro 2 became real when we decided that riding our bicycles on sunny days just wasn’t enough. We questioned ourselves why people tend to use limiting transportions when they can have the freedom of just picking up their bikes and ride as they please without the stress of car congestions, schedules or overcrowded buses and trains! So we started thinking that there had to be an efficient, durable, versatile, comfortable, stylish, ergonomic and easy to use way to ride from A to B, even with bad weather conditions.

During the last two years we researched, designed and tested the best materials and structures so we could create the easiest and safest bicycles umbrella: the LEAFXPRO 2!

We need your help to speed up the manufacturing process so we can deliver to the promise of becoming a sustainable mobility product and improve peoples lives.




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