- - "CLUG" World's Smallest Bike Rack

"CLUG" World's Smallest Bike Rack

What began as a modest crowd funding campaign on KickStarter, to raise money for what the inventors were touting as the world’s smallest bike rack, ended up ringing in an impressive $107,947 CAD.

Created using 3D printing, the CLUG consists of a “clipper and a gripper,” with a hard outer shell housing and a rubberized inner layer, so it won’t scratch your wheels or damage your tires. Basically, it attaches d to the wall with two screws – using the template that’s provided. 

From there, the CLUG can store your bike upright vertically or horizontally depending on the space. 

In time, the CLUG will be available in three different sizes to fit road bikes (23 -32mm tires), hybrids (32-42mm tires), and even mountain bikes with 1.75 – 2.5″ tires. 

Right now, the Roadie and the Hybrid are available, in both white or black outer shells, with either orange, green, blue, and black inner grippers.


Cost is $25 – including standard worldwide shipping.

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