- - "COBI" Bicycle Connection Device

"COBI" Bicycle Connection Device

While the crew of Star Trek could only beam up or down, iCradle’s new COBI bike connection system, let’s cyclists "beam" in everything direction.

Check out their current crowd funding campaign of KickStarter.  

COBI adds over 100 intelligent features to any bike – with a simple, predictive and beautiful interface on your smartphone.

Our system offers hard- and software upgradeability – with the developer SDK for apps, wearables and on-board electronics, the system is ready for every good idea tomorrow may bring. And with our interchangeable Mount Case there’s no need to buy a new COBI if you get a new phone.

COBI upgrades your bike and improves your life. Its advanced technologies and smart design are geared towards one purpose: enhancing your biking experience. Here a few examples…


Maximum enjoyment with minimum funding. We offer two versions: one for Standard and one for e-bikes, each tailored to suit your equipment. Both upgrade your biking to the next level. Since e-bikes² already have a COBI-compatible controller, we’re able to reduce their upgrade price a little. Rejoice analog bikers, you on the other hand get our new and elegant, made-for-COBI Thumb Controller and a high-capacity Battery Pack on top.


 Driven by passion, bonded by experience and united by vision. These are our four bike-loving and tech-savvy founders who share one dream: Reinvent biking.

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