- - "Quick Caps" Quick Release Wheel Lock

"Quick Caps" Quick Release Wheel Lock

This latest invention on Kickstarter, may prove to be the perfect solution for the urban cyclist who looking to thwart a would be thief from stealing his or her wheels. 

Cyclists typically have to remove the front wheel when locking up their bike, and usually running a secondary cable lock through it to the main U-lock, in order to secure it from theft. However, the latest Quick Caps are designed to make securing a cyclist’s bike a lot easier. 

Created by British engineer Curtis Dorrington, each Quick Cap consists of a weatherproof anodized marine-grade aluminum locking body, and a hardened steel shackle. To use them, you just slip the body over the bike’s quick-release lever, put the shackle around the cylindrical base of that release, then slide the shackle into the body and lock them together.

Once in place, the locked Quick Cap will make it impossible to pull open the lever … until it’s unlocked with the user’s key. Should thieves instead try simply unscrewing the lever from the hub axle, a protruding section on the underside of the locking body will catch against the fork/drop-out, keeping the lever from rotating.

According to Dorrington, each Quick Cap weighs 51 grams, and it takes approximately 900 Nm (664 ft lb) of force to break them. He’s currently raising production funds, on Kickstarter.


13 years ago I began my journey into engineering, I was 16 and as UK law states I was not legal to drive, so I cycled to work and college. 6 years later and qualified I was still cycling with no thought of taking my driving test, I guess I became a fan without knowing it.

Certain issues did always annoy me with cycling in the city, I do like thought of quick release wheels, it helped me fit my bike into to my friends car when I needed the occasional lift on a rainy day or when I had a puncture. Although when I wanted to leave my bike outside of my friends, the local shop or work or anywhere for that matter I would always have to use 2 locks or on the frequent occasions I would forget my extra lock, I found myself taking of the front wheel and locking it to my frame.

3 years ago after training and becoming qualified in various fields of engineering, I thought I’d use my skills to create a device to allow only me operation of my quick release, so I began trying countless amounts of solutions which mainly resulted in failure but definite learning curves.

1 year ago the problem was solved… it was so simple, but it was not pretty.

I began serious market research to see if this was a good solution so I applied for a job with Sustrans who build and maintain all of the cycle tracks in the UK. I got the job and with my prototype locks I started getting a lot of positive feedback.

With summer over and the Sustrans job finished for the season, it was time to get back to work which would pay the bills. I began work as a quality inspector for the aerospace industry and took a course to learn CAD, realising the necessity for quality and intuitive design I refined the product and with the assistance of some amazing companies based locally Quick Caps was complete, it worked, it looked and felt great……. This is something I think I should share…….


I have cycled with Quick Caps, on and off road in all weather types and left outside over night.

Weather Proofing

Quick Caps are made from a single piece of marine grade aluminium which is ideal for outside weather conditions and very light weight.

Strength and Durability

Tests show it takes 900 Nm of force to break the lock.


Light Weight

They weigh 51 grams. (about 4 tablespoons of sugar)

Ease of Use

A completely removable shackle makes fitting easy.

Quick Caps have been designed so that you can literally walk out of the retailer, clip it to your quick release and cycle away, it would have taken me more time to write this than for you to fit the lock to your bike.

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