- - Alpha Offers Super Lightweight Carbon Disc Brake Rotors

Alpha Offers Super Lightweight Carbon Disc Brake Rotors


With the disc brake revolution well underway in both the road and gravel grinder segments, it was just a matter of time before someone introduced a lightweight carbon rotor.

Indeed, the Spanish motorcycle brand, Alpha, has decided to venture into the cycling market with a series of new super-light carbon ceramic rotors that almost defy gravity.

According to Alpha, their single-piece rotors are manufactured in Spain, using a state-of-the-art ceramic polymer technology, which they claim outperforms steel rotors during both wet and dry braking conditions. 


There seems to be one drawback however, according to Alpha their rotors can only be used in conjunction with ceramic brake pads – a product they don’t seem to currently offer in the form of bike applications.

Alpha currently offers rotors in 140mm, 160mm, 180mm and 203mm sizes, with prices ranging from 102 to 120€ a piece.  

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Alpha Ceramic Rotor RS

The lightest ceramic rotor brake for bikes in the world.

Enjoy the latest technology for manufacturing ceramic discs created by Alpha for superior performance and long life.

Alpha carbon brakes are available for any type of bike, Trial, Cyclocross, Road, Enduro, Downhill…
-More powerful and progressive braking.
-No vibrations.
-Ultra lightweight.
-Better resistance to high temperatures and exhaustion compared to conventional discs.
-Superior performance.
-Efficiency dry and wet.
-1.9mm thickness.

Manufactured in Spain.




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