- - 'STOOPIDTALLER': The World's Tallest Bicycle

'STOOPIDTALLER': The World's Tallest Bicycle


STOOPIDTALLER is the new member of the family standing at 20ft 2.5in tall. Estimated weight is somewhere in the neighborhood of 275 pounds. The bike features 36″ wheels and uses 8 bicycle chains linked together. This bike isn’t quite complete yet. A few more decorative designs in store as well as converting the bike from a chain drive system to a shaft drive system.

STOOPIDTALL is a wonder on the streets and has gone viral online with over 3.5 accumulative views, not to mention appearing in a National commercial for Visit CA.. Weighing in at over one hundred pounds, this 15ft bike, 17.5 foot – to eye level, tall bike has made its way down the likes of Los Angeles and Venice Beach.

The STOOPIDTALL’s  were built and ridden by Richie Trimble, Cinematographer from Los Angeles, CA. They aren’t the only bikes Richie has built. In fact, his last two have been featured in 30 Seconds to Mars music videos as well – Kings and Queens, on “Kafourki “, which won MTV’s Best Rock Video of 2010 and this years Up in the Air, riding “Corky”.

Facts about STOOPIDTALL 

  • 14.5 ft at the seat
  • Built in 12 work hours
  • One Huffy beach cruiser, 2″ square tubing, 3/4″ round tubing, and 1″ round tubing
  • 26″ single speed coaster brake wheelset
  • 6.5 single speed bicycle chains (32.5ft of chain)

To bend the pipe, I used an upside down shopping cart and a split log. Ghetto, I know, but hey, IT WORKS.

Facts about STOOPIDTALLER20ft 2.5in to the handlebars

  • Built in 4 days
  • One Monster Beach Cruiser
  • 36″ Wheelset
  • 8 Bicycle Chains

THANKS:Thank you everyone at the Hacienda for allowing me to build in your space! Special thanks to Los Angelopes, LA BIKE CULT, any and all freak bike rider and supporters, Barnacle Bros, Mitrpak, and Coker Cycles. Thank you to everyone who has shown your love and support, it means so very much!

Thanks to all the photographers and videographers who have documented this massive bicycles!

And super thanks to the LAPD and the other traffic enforcement officers that allowed us passage to brighten people’s day.

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