- - 3T Offers Custom "Cockpit" Colors

3T Offers Custom "Cockpit" Colors

While "rainbow" colors may signify diversity, they’re no longer resigned to just political and  spiritual palaver. 

The well-known Italian component maker, 3T, is bringing the same range of color to it’s line of ARX LTD, Ergonova LTD and Iconic 25 LTD series of handlebars, stems and seatposts. 

Blue, green, light blue, orange, pink, or yellow accents, under a mirror-like finish of gloss – punctuate these components.


However, like all things stylish and beautiful from Italy, these cockpit pieces come at a hefty price. 

Customers can expect to pay between $270 to $375, depending on the component and series. But, who can resist ! 😉  




Add some living color to your bike!

Now you customize your bike with highlights in a choice of six lustrous shades! The classic 3T Ltd cockpit — Ergonova, Arx, and Ionic-25 — is first to get the new graphic treatment. The bold new 3T Road ‘Circle’ can be ordered in Blue / Green / Light Blue / Orange / Pink / Yellow.

We’re working with one of Italy’s top cycle finishing specialists to give you really dense, saturated colors that look ravishing against the high-gloss clearcoat finish of our HD carbon-fiber components.

Brighten your ride, get some 3T color around your frame!

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