- - 4iiii Innovations Launches Affordable Power Meter

4iiii Innovations Launches Affordable Power Meter

It seems that power meters, or any version thereof, are popping up faster than cyclists can turn the pedals. And, whether they’re a revolutionary design, or simply an updated version, certain that it is, they’ve become more and more reachable to cyclists in terms of function and cost. 

Speaking of cost, 4iiii Innovations has just lowered the price for their entry power meter to just $399 – making admission to the world of dynamic power more accessible to cyclists than ever before. 

The brand’s new Precision Power Meter, essentially sticks to the back of the left crank arm. And, once calibrated, the unit’s strain gauge can measure a wealth of performance data, and transmit it back to the cyclist via ANT+ and Bluetooth LE simultaneously. In addition, data can later be analyzed more in-depth, with 4iiii’s software. 

Cyclists can even add a right side power meter, for an additional $350, so both right and left side power can be analyzed. 


The Precision uses a standard 2032 battery, which can provide up to 200 hours. 

According to 4iiii, the new device will be available by the end of the year.

Press Release


4iiii Innovations Enters The Power Meter Race With A Breakaway Design


— The world of power meters is about to be rocked with the launch of 4iiii Innovations’ Precision here at Interbike 2014.  The company’s crank mounted power meter was designed with every rider in mind, expanding the opportunity for all cyclists to use power to train more effectively.

“Due to a cost prohibitive price point, power meters have been a performance tool that up until now was restricted to a small segment of the cycling population,” said Kip Fyfe, CEO 4iiii Innovations.  “We have designed a power meter that delivers uncompromised accuracy at an affordable price.”

With a MSRP starting at $399.99, Precision opens up the door for all cyclists looking to improve their performance.  The meter is easily installed on most existing cranks and gives athletes the opportunity to choose a left only module, or a left/right option dependent on their specific needs.

The features of Precision abound with it boasting bilingual communications — both via ANT+ and BLE, a coin cell battery life of 200 hours and the benefit of active learning temperature compensation.

One of the key designers and engineers behind Precision is Keith Wakeham.  Prior to joining 4iiii Innovations his educational and professional career has been devoted to using strain gauge sensors for testing under stringent requirements in the nuclear industry.  His passion for cycling inspired him to develop this patent pending technology.  His dual sensor design uses both primary and secondary sensors to reduce error to well below 1%  for torque measures making Precision more accurate than most power meters currently available.

“I just always felt there was a smarter way to design a power meter,” said Wakeham, Mechatronics Engineer for 4iiii Innovations.  “My goal was to bring this technology down to a price where it would be accessible to all avid cyclists and I feel we have definitely achieved that.”

4iiii Innovations is taking reservations now for the first run of Precision, expected to ship in Q4 2014.

4iiii Innovations Inc. is a leader in the design and manufacturing of wearable technology. The Company’s products are based on an innovative platform that provides field upgradeable sensors and Link connectivity. They include Cliiiimb, the Sportiiiis heads-up audio visual data display and Viiiiva, a heart rate monitor that connects a full suite of sensors to a Smartphone; providing serious athletes with real-time and precise measurement of personal performance parameters.

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